Yangın Merdiveni

Yangın merdivenleri tamamen ihtiyacınıza uygun şekilde üretilmektedir. Yangın merdiveni büyükşehir belediyelerinin ve diğer belediyelerin yangın merdiveni yönetmelikleri ile zorunlu hale getirdiği bir unsur olmuştur. Yangın afetlerinde yapılardaki insanların dışarıya tahliyesi esnasında önemli rol oynarlar. Geçmişte yaşanan yangın afetlerine bakıldığında insanların tahliyesinde hayati rol oynadığı da açıkça görülmektedir. Yangın, doğal afetler veya bulunulan bölgenin süratli ve emniyetli şekilde tahliyesi gerektiğinde kullanılmak üzere tasarlanan ve insan hayatı için büyük önem arz etmekte olan yangın merdivenleri acil durumlarda yapıların vazgeçilmez unsurlarıdır. Pakel Mimari, Tasarım ve Uygulama olarak ihtiyacınız olan yangın merdiveni tipini size en uygun model ve özellikte planlayıp itfaiye yönetmeliğine uygun bir şekilde imalat ve montajını gerçekleştiriyoruz. Yangın merdivenlerinde sağlamlık, kalite ve estetik aradığınızda her daim yanınızdayız… Pakel Mimari, Tasarım ve Uyg

Composite Deck Coating

Composite deck production processes, plastic and wood derivatives, some manufacturing processes result obtained by combining a new generation outdoor decking with superior properties. Natural events such as temperature changes, rain water, humidity, which are exposed to natural wood materials used outdoors and cause physical disorders (rotation, rotting, molding, splintering) do not affect the Composite Deck products. Since the Composite Deck is not deformed, it also saves annual maintenance and costs that should be applied to natural wood.ve way. What material is composite deck flooring made of? In addition to 50% recycled wood shavings and 50% polymer material, there are color pigments, antifungal, anti-mold and anti-parasite components. Protection Against UV Degradation Composite Deck flooring has increased protection against UV degradation. This protects from the sun’s harmful rays. In this way, it has less color loss compared to many other products in the market. All composi

Panic Room

It is your ultra-safe room with static and endurance power, which is designed separately from the whole building, its sound and heat insulation is completely independent, its entrance is not visible from the outside. The panic room is created using the entire room or a specific part of a room. The panic room, whose dimensions and location are determined with the feasibility to be made as Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation, is manufactured using steel construction. Heat and Sound Insulations are provided, and after providing protection against all threats, work is carried out on comfort inside. In this room, which we have specially designed the interior of your room, the first priority is to serve yourself and your loved ones as safe shelters not only against natural disasters but also against any attack action. Therefore, the necessary infrastructure and equipment are prepared for communication in these rooms. In the panic rooms, you can hold very important and sec

Earthquake Corridor

Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation, Static and Strength, ultra-safe, generally manufactures all or part of your corridors, which are common areas of your home, using steel construction. Earthquake corridor of the most important feature of earthquake in your home is located earthquakes room or panic room (Safe panic room) which would not have time to escape if you immerse yourself in the hallway which is closest to the region and to ensure the protection of your loved ones. The disadvantage is that the beginning and end of the corridor are not covered. Additional equipment with vital functions such as lockers fixed in the corridor, oxygen and water tanks placed in appropriate areas ensure your survival for a long time after an earthquake or an emergency. The earthquake corridors, which are shipped modularly to the desired campus area, are easily sealed from the transition points in the area where they will be placed. In this way, the earthquake corridors manufacture

Earthquake Room

Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation, Static and Durability, ultra-safe, generally manufactures earthquake chambers fixed into the house by using all or part of the room, using steel construction. Lockers fixed in the room, additional equipment with vital functions such as oxygen and water tanks are placed on the floor, enabling you to survive for a long time after an earthquake or an emergency. Thanks to the battery-powered systems that see the lighting need in earthquake rooms, it is designed to effectively meet the lighting need for an average of one week. The earthquake chambers, which are shipped modularly to the desired campus area, are easily sealed from the transition points in the area to be placed. In this way, earthquake rooms, which are manufactured under factory conditions, all systems have been subjected to necessary tests, and whose quality and protection quality can be assured, are deployed to the required area in a short time that will not allow the t

Underwater Chamber

It is a great blessing for human beings to experience the sparkle and beauty of the stars at night. Well, if you love underwater life and you like to get to know the fish species specific to the region where the underwater room will be built, examine the underwater ecosystem and spend time with sea creatures… In this regard, Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation serves you with Underwater Accommodation Rooms, which we named Neptune, which we think will provide great value to your villa or hotel. It is possible to transform this underwater room, which is reached by a protected corridor extending from the seashore into the sea, into a dining room or a dining room, whether you want an underwater viewing room. It can also be manufactured in an island-style accommodation room built in the middle of the sea, which we call Poseidon. The upper part looks like a hut in the middle of the sea, but at the bottom you will have an underwater room that will make you live in the sea