Composite Deck Coating

Composite deck production processes, plastic and wood derivatives, some manufacturing processes result obtained by combining a new generation outdoor decking with superior properties.

Natural events such as temperature changes, rain water, humidity, which are exposed to natural wood materials used outdoors and cause physical disorders (rotation, rotting, molding, splintering) do not affect the Composite Deck products.

Since the Composite Deck is not deformed, it also saves annual maintenance and costs that should be applied to natural way.

What material is composite deck flooring made of?
In addition to 50% recycled wood shavings and 50% polymer material, there are color pigments, antifungal, anti-mold and anti-parasite components.

Protection Against UV Degradation
Composite Deck flooring has increased protection against UV degradation. This protects from the sun’s harmful rays. In this way, it has less color loss compared to many other products in the market. All composite floor panels can be exposed to weather effects until installation. Less color loss will be seen in Composite Deck flooring, and the color will remain stable within 8-12 weeks from the installation.

Protection Against Water Absorption
Composite Deck flooring has an increased protection feature against water absorption.

Protection Against Fungus and Mold
Since Composite Deck flooring contains anti-fungal components, it is not affected by the damages of mold and fungus. However, as with all floors, necessary cleaning and washing processes should be performed at regular intervals in order to prevent the accumulation of fungus or mold on the surface.

Can Composite Deck Flooring be painted or stained?
Composite Deck Flooring is manufactured with a unique system that turns wood and polymer into a strong, moisture resistant material. You do not have to sand or paint this product, which turns out to be unique. However, you can paint the product, but this will void the manufacturing warranty for the composite deck.

What is required to install Composite Deck Flooring?
Composite Deck flooring is cut, drilled and screwed with tools similar to those used for wood. For recommended fasteners, installation and more information, please contact Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation.

How should the maintenance and cleaning of Composite Deck Flooring be done?
By following a few well-known rules, you can keep your Composite Deck floors nice and clean. Quickly treat the stains. Do not allow the flooring to penetrate the surface or to be exposed to heat in sunlight.
֍ Oil will cause stains on all surfaces. Place a guard under your barbecue grill in case you get a splash.
֍ Make sure your slab molds have enough space. This will prevent water from accumulating on the floor surface and causing stains. Using a flat tool, you should clean the gaps between the molds, where necessary, to ensure proper evacuation.
֍ Even if it looks clean, periodically wash your floor using a hose. Thus, you prevent the accumulation of pollen and other airborne pollutants caused by the air and accelerating the growth of mold or fungus.

Is Composite Decking more expensive than wood?
Composite Deck Flooring is not more expensive than wood. Although the initial cost is higher, the costs required will be less than for wood due to the low maintenance properties of the product as no annual painting is required to protect the slab molds. Just install the Composite Deck flooring, follow a few easy maintenance and cleaning procedures and you can benefit from your Composite Deck flooring for years to come.

Why Composite Deck?
֍ Wood products are exposed to rotting, bending, fading, splintering and weakening of the joints by being affected by the climatic conditions in a very short time despite all protection measures. At the same time, since all forest products are used in their production processes, they cause inefficient and excessive consumption of natural resources.
֍ Composite Deck is a superior wood composite decking material that eliminates all these negativities.
֍ In our world where environmental awareness is increasing day by day, composite deck stands out as the most environmentally friendly solution for outdoor floor applications.

Places where Composite Deck can be used:
֍ On garden paths,
֍ Walking paths,
֍ In winter gardens
֍ Pool sides,
֍ Marinas,
֍ Piers,
֍ On the beaches,
֍ Pergolas,
֍ On the verandas,
֍ Camellia and terraces.

֍ Bathroom and shower floors,
֍ In sauna interior flooring,
֍ In hotels,
֍ In restaurants,
֍ In cafes.
In short, with its structure combining quality and naturalness, it can be used on all floors you want to look beautiful like wood.

Composite Deck Flooring Advantages:
֍ It is a composite material, therefore it is not affected by natural conditions.
֍ Since Composite Deck is not affected by water, moisture and humidity, there is no rotting problem.
֍ Composite Deck is very resistant to impacts.
֍ Composite Deck can be produced in desired dimensions.
֍ Composite Deck does not splinter or moss.
֍ Composite Deck has an anti-slip feature.
֍ Composite Deck does not burn when pressed with bare feet.
֍ Composite Deck is healthy and antibacterial.
Composite Deck requires almost no maintenance.
֍ Composite Deck installation is very easy, saves labor.
֍ Composite Deck is decorative and has a nice appearance.
֍ Composite Deck can be painted and polished at any time.
֍ Composite Deck is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material.


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